Skin care 101

My early 20’s face: Combination + Acne-Prone Skin. When you’re starting to age (yes, we’re getting old), a great beauty routine will make your face fresh and glowy. 

So I wanted to invest in a skin care regimen that fits my skin type. 

Here are some of the meds from my trusted dermatologist:

  1. Dermisol
  2. Clarifying lotion
  3. Doxycycline 
  4. Gentamycin
  5. Azelaic Acid

Since my meds are a bit pricey, I bought some skin care products (and make up lol) during my Taiwan trip few weeks ago. 

 I’ll update you guys on my next post for the results! For the meantime, I’m advising you to wash your face 3x a day, moisturize then put sunblock! 



Skin care 101