Skin care 101

My early 20’s face: Combination + Acne-Prone Skin. When you’re starting to age (yes, we’re getting old), a great beauty routine will make your face fresh and glowy. 

So I wanted to invest in a skin care regimen that fits my skin type. 

Here are some of the meds from my trusted dermatologist:

  1. Dermisol
  2. Clarifying lotion
  3. Doxycycline 
  4. Gentamycin
  5. Azelaic Acid

Since my meds are a bit pricey, I bought some skin care products (and make up lol) during my Taiwan trip few weeks ago. 

 I’ll update you guys on my next post for the results! For the meantime, I’m advising you to wash your face 3x a day, moisturize then put sunblock! 



Skin care 101

Finding the right foundation

Beauty preparations for my Taiwan Trip: 
1. Moisturize (I’m aware that the weather in Taiwan is almost the same as the Philippines, so I doubled my moisturizer just to make sure that my skin is ready) 

2. Derma visit: At least, 3 days before your trip. 

3. Picking the right make up! 

I brought my Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation, Tarte loose powder, J.Cat Beauty lipfinity, Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade and Estee Lauder Highligter.

Since my skin is combination (mostly oily) I decided to have my matte foundation. One thing I noticed all my selfies are very cakey, my lipstick is not consistent & I’m not happy about it. I’m not disregarding you to use the brands, the products are not compatible with my skin in this kind of weather. 

Photo taken by Fujifilm X-A2
Iphone 7 photo

It’s not my first time in Taiwan, so I’m prepared about my skin + beauty prep, I really don’t know what happened, but just to make sure I’m suggesting to bring your best foundation for your trip (HD!! Lol) so it won’t ruin your whole look! 

Can you suggest the best HD foundation? 

Finding the right foundation

Product review: Sylyne brushes

Found a perfect brush dupe for Jessup brushes! I heard a lot of good reviews about this brush set so I decided to order one.

Sylyne brushes are synthetic but soft- bristled brushes that are capable of giving the same outcome as an animal-hair brush.

I got my brush set for 1,000 pesos (Approximately, 20 USD) The set includes a brush pouch and 12 brushes. It’s good for starting make up artists and make up enthusiasts.

Sorry for being idle for weeks, I just got back from a trip!

xoxo, MakeUpMNL ❤️

Product review: Sylyne brushes

J.Cat Beauty Philippines Launch


J.Cat Beauty PH is finally here in Manila! Another US based Cosmetic brand unveiled their pilot store in the Philippines last March 26, 2017.


It’s not the usual cosmetic brand that offers a basic selection of colors, J.Cat Beauty targets not just professional make up artists but also anyone who loves to play and experiment colors with their look.

Aside from being cruelty free, their products are so affordable (Some of the products are below 500 pesos).


It was a fun-filled launch for the make up kitties, the appearance of Arci Munoz gave an adrenaline rush to all of her fans! We all know that aside from being a classy artist, she’s also a rocker chic which makes her the perfect brand ambassadress.

Ms. Erin, General Manager of J.Cat Beauty Philippines

If you haven’t heard about this smart-pricing make up brand, feel free to browse their products at J.Cat boutique: 2nd floor, UPTOWN Mall BGC, Taguig.





J.Cat Beauty Philippines Launch